Opening hours

10:00 - 21:00


Teddy Bear Hospital

20 may, 11:00, floor 3

The Teddy Bear Hospital is a project developed at international level, which is focused to children between the ages of 3-7 years with recreational activities to make the whole medical environment a kind place for them. It has different areas like:

  • Anamnesis: where they fill the medical history with the name of the teddy bear and his owner. Тhey were also measured and weighed.
  • RX: Through the game they experienced an x-ray done if the Teddy required in order to make a diagnosis.
  • Trauma: The children will learn about fractures and treatment.
  • Surgery: The child chose to operate his teddy to fix any disease with guidance of a medical student.
  • Pharmacy: The child came with a recipe and her teddy remedies to help in healing, we gave them a chocolate and certificate to reward their participation.

Our principal goal is decrease the fear of both, medical environment and doctors, with fun activities and game.

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