Opening hours

10:00 - 21:00


Children's Theatre "Game of tales

3rd of March, 11 o’clock

The first children's play in the March theater calendar at Mall Veliko Tarnovo is not limited to only one of our favorite fairy tales. Kristiana Boyadzhieva's play will send us on a marvelous adventure through some of the most beloved classical works - from Andersen to the Brothers Grimm.

Three actors from Drama Theatre Lovech will introduce us to The Frog King, Princess Turandot, King Thrushbeard, Cinderella and many others in their epic journey through the majestic world of imagination.

Our guides in the wonderful fairy tale world will lead us through it with professionalism and humour. They will make the experience more vivid by integrating the tone of everyday communication with the engaging narrative of fairy tales. And at the end of the adventure we will recall the most important lesson - as long as you believe, the good really has the power to change the world.

Stage design and costumes: Nadia Vasileva - Kovachovska

Music: Mathin Kostakiev

Cast: Gyorgy Traykov, Bogomila Nikolova, Yavor Kostov

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