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Martenitza Bazaar

10.2. - 03.03., fl. 0

What makes the 1st of March everyone’s favourite holiday?

Let’s start with the symbolism of the martenitza, shall we? Red stands for health and life, white – happiness. Exactly what everyone desires.

The ritual of giving is a gesture used to express our warm feelings towards another person. And given that we are not only giving, but also blessing (that’s what we are doing on this holiday), this act becomes even more meaningful.

Add the incredible number of creative designs available and there you have it.

All of this is the raison for our Marteniza bazaar. Here you can discover that very special combination of white and red wool for that very special person. Find it in the central atrium on floor 0 from 10th of February to the 3rd of March.

We are expecting you!

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