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An Excellent Mark for Shopping!

At Mall Veliko Tarnovo

The first important lesson for the new school year? You may find everything you need for it at one place.

At Mall Veliko Tarnovo you will find not only books and pens but also the trendiest clothes that will make your child eager to dress for school in the morning.

But now let’s open the notebooks and make a more detailed list of what we have for you here:

а) clothes;

b) shoes;

c) backpacks;

d) notebooks, pens, pencils, hold-alls, sketchbooks, drafting compasses and more, and more. You may even buy a desk for your child.

And don’t the students deserve a present for the 15th of September? We have toys and books as well. Let’s have a bit of fun outside the classrooms, too.

So here’s the schedule – you have a shopping lesson and your homework is to make a list of everything you need. Then come before the first bell rings.

Well, if you oversleep, don’t worry – the shopping mall is at your disposal for the whole of the new school year! 

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